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Many new entrepreneurs and SME businesses come up against a lot of different challenges these days. Some struggle to grow, some struggle to even stay afloat. Tough times are like crossroads, they provide an opportunity to make hard decisions about what is working and what is not.

From our experience, the most common reasons why businesses stagnate are an unscalable business model, undefined business strategy, lack of capital, inadequate management, and unsuccessful marketing initiatives. As a result, new ideas never grow, and businesses experience decline in revenue, shrinking margins, large contingent liabilities and high talent turnover.

The team of Business Consultants at Stephens & Partners consists of seasoned business professionals with at least 20 years of experience in running businesses in various sectors. They are happy to share their knowledge and support you in your entrepreneurial journey. During a consultation, you’ll have a deep dive into your business model and operations to identify how you can maximise strategy, increase profits, add value and resolve issues.



Stephens & Partners team of business advisors is led by the CEO Dasha White, an experienced Business Strategist, Mentor and Angel Investor. Dasha says:

I offer advisory and consultancy services, successful business growth strategies and turnaround services. I have 23 yrs experience in consulting businesses in various sectors, and I know exactly what it takes to succeed, and the challenges each stage brings. I’m passionate about sharing the knowledge, encouraging and supporting growth and positive mindset. I’ve mentored many startups & externally matched mentees.

I am dynamic, positive, nurturing, with a wealth of life & business experience. I support young entrepreneurs, first-time entrepreneurs, female founders, professionals transitioning from corporate to entrepreneur. I also enjoy my work for a number of charities & women empowerment communities.

I run exclusive networking events in Mayfair, London connecting investment-ready businesses with angel investors, VCs and Family Offices based in London and NYC. Get in touch and let’s talk all things Strategy and Growth! 🚀

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