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Dasha White keynote speaker London Mayfair


An accomplished Business Advisor, Mentor and Angel Investor, Dasha provides business consultancy services, delivering successful business growth strategies and turnaround solutions.

“I thoroughly enjoy supporting a remarkable team at Chronos Social in their efforts to foster community engagement, empower entrepreneurs and drive positive change. Together, we’re committed to creating vibrant opportunities and meaningful connections”.
Dasha White

Dasha is a member of Chronos Social Advisory Board, and was the keynote speaker at the event dedicated to the International Women’s Day addressing the audience on the topic “The Art of Networking for Personal and Professional Growth”.


Drive Your Company’s Progress with Tailored Business Strategy

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, connect with Dasha to receive a clear strategy for growth, successful sales funnels, partnerships and collaborations, expanding online and overseas, brand identity, funding, intellectual property, optimising operations and enhancing marketing efforts. Learn how to overcome stagnation and maximise small budgets, along with many other valuable insights that will advance your business.

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Connect with Investors: Join The Circle Network

If you’re a business founder raising capital, an Angel Investor, VC, Family Office, or a professional with an extensive network of business contacts, you can join The Circle Network – a database that facilitates personalised matches between investors seeking investment opportunities and investable projects.

Additionally, you can apply to join one of our exclusive invitation-only networking events in Mayfair London. It’s a fantastic opportunity for selected businesses to pitch directly to a room of investors and Family Offices.

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Mentoring: Accelerate Your Personal & Professional Growth

Dasha has mentored numerous startups, sharing knowledge, nurturing growth and supporting a positive mindset. She particularly enjoys assisting first-time entrepreneurs, female founders and professionals transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship. The role of a mentor is invaluable in providing guidance, support and wisdom to those seeking to navigate their personal and professional journeys. With a focus on practical strategies and actionable advice, mentoring will empower you to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities.


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Ask Me Anything: Live Q&A

Join us online for a live Q&A session, where warmth and support meet insightful conversations. With Dasha’s extensive mentoring experience, these sessions offer a valuable opportunity to ask questions, tap into Dasha’s wisdom, seek advice and gain valuable insights. Whether you’re navigating life experiences, relationships, work, or simply craving meaningful discussions, you will enjoy a nurturing environment for growth and connection. Engage with like-minded people and become part of a community committed to personal and professional development.


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Strengthen your English skills and boost your confidence

One of Dasha’s first businesses in the UK was The White Apple, an Online English Language School and Cambridge English Preparation Centre that she founded 15 years ago. Whether you aim to enhance your English proficiency, master the art of small talk or refine your language skills for professional purposes, you’ll find a suitable option among the 64 live online courses on offer. Start with a free Demo Lesson, and one of the qualified native British teachers and Cambridge examiners will evaluate your level and design a personalised Study Plan tailored to your needs.


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