Stephens & Partners is a Business Growth Consultancy and Private Investment firm based in Notting Hill, London

Business Growth Consultancy:
With the expert advice of our Consultants and Mentors and full support of our in-house Marketing and IT teams, we help small businesses scale up and reach their full potential.

We acquire established Marketing agencies in the UK, USA and SA with the view to grow them further. High level acquisitions are backed by a larger Private Equity Group.

Business Growth Consultancy

for young entrepreneurs

Thinking of starting the entrepreneurial journey but not sure if entrepreneurship is for you? Our Mentors can help you make the right decision and if the answer is yes, assist in creating a Business Strategy, Business Plan and Marketing Strategy, build a Minimum Viable Product and prepare your business for the first round of investment.  
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for small and medium enterprises

Running SME business but have stopped growing? We can bring on board our in-house Consulting Partners, Marketing and IT teams, assess your business model, create and help you implement new Business Strategy and Marketing Strategy, and ensure that your business steps up to the next level.
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  • We acquire profitable Marketing agencies that have little level of debt
  • Location: UK, USA and South Africa
  • Sales Revenue from $1m to $5m
  • EBITDA from $250k
  • Stable cashflow
  • Long trading history 5+ years
  • All our Offers to Purchase are supported by Proof of Funding
  • We will work hard to maintain your legacy and carry on your brand name
  • We will ensure employee job security, and key management involvement with Employee Share Option Plan
  • We will offer you operationally strong and optimised deal structure that maximises upfront cash payment
  • We will take in consideration tax implications favouring your interest
  • We will always present you with a fair market valuation, and not a lowball offer
  • We acquire businesses only when we see potential in their further growth
  • We are a team of highly experienced C-level Management, Financial and Marketing professionals specialising in growth hacking
  • We are not a brokerage firm, we don't charge any fees and can complete in as little as 60 days

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